Raumüberwachung mit Google+

Rechner an, zweiten Google+-Account einrichten, diesen in einem dafür eingerichteten Circle werfen und in Abwesenheit einen direkten Hangout starten – fertig ist die Raumüberwachung per Hangout. Nachteil: der Rechner muss zuhause dauerhaft laufen.

You can use Google Hangouts as an on demand remote camera viewer. First, create a second Google Account, and put the alternate account in its own circle. Then, start a hangout with just that circle. When you want to checkup on how everything’s going along in your house, you can just join the hangout with your alternate account, and you should see what’s happening. Of course, for more complicated and long term camera solutions, you would need some specific software. This is just a no additional software approach to quickly checking up on your house while you are away.